1.2 Bug - Cannot upload Gcode via web UI or USB (solved with reinstalling the update)

I upgraded to 1.2 from 1.0.9 and cannot upload gcode files via USB or Web UI and these worked yesterday on 1.0.9.

I get this error and I see additional lines added in the gcode viewer. The file is attached.

24x15_flattening-1mm.nc (1.5 KB)

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Remove the hyphen in the file name

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Hi all,
Wasn’t part of the updated firmware supposed to fix this type of issues?

" * (bug) Fixed bug when uploading files with special character or spaces in the file name (like . _ ?*&^&, etc.)"

Agree but hyphen is not explicit in that list and maybe is in the etc or the upgrade didn’t work correctly.

Did you update via USB or by building a new image

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Still a bug I would say, regardless of the note. I upgraded from 1.0.9 to 1.2 via the USB method.

I get this same exact error and all I have is letters and a number in the file name. I tried other files and the same thing. Any ideas?

upload all the gcode that isn’t working so the developers can take a look.

Then upload some that is working so they can compare.

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I redownloaded the upgrade, and re upgraded the controller and then it all worked. It’s like the first download was corrupt or something? No idea, but when I did the upgrade the first time, everything looked the same visually. The second time I did the upgrade, the visuals were different so something odd happened on that first download. Both downloads were from the google drive that I went to from the post about releasing 1.2.

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Ok, great! Both were done via upgrade or via sd flash?

Both were done by downloading the upgrade to my downloads folder and then copying the file straight to my USB, plugged USB into controller, and then “upgraded via file” using the general tab.

Terry, try redownloading the usb update.