1.4.0 Alpha 1 (Macros update)

Thank you, does this mean we will be able to hit a URL to turn things like TP-link plugs on and off, or yes that we will be able to do other things like time lapse. Just hoping for a little more detail. I understand that you might not want to give away the release date or specifics on the ACB, so just wanting info on the plans for the Macros.

Hi Team,

We will be fixing those issues and release the new version shortly.

@ChrisM Just uploaded a ‘fixed’ version of 1.4 alpha 1. Go ahead and reflash your sd card to 1.3.1 using the full flash by pulling the SD, then try updating with this 1.4 udpate.

Will the release require re-flashing, am a wood worker not an electronics guy?
Really looking forward to macro’s I routinely use two positions for my work, one using a two bolt hold down which always has the same center co-ordinates.
The other is clamped against my spoilboard square which always uses the same front left corner, in both cases, all I would need with macro’s is Z probe for material thickness & tool changes.

When I was a computer guru used to write long macro’s in Symphony and Lotus but I fell off the computer trolley with the onset of windows.
Hope you guys can get er done soon.
Thank you.

No, you will not need to reflash.

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It’s happening to me too after upgrade.

did you use the update we just uploaded one hour ago.

I don’t see the new link. Is this the same file?
bbctrl-1.4.0_alpha_1.tar.bz2 ??

This re-release pattern has always been a bit confusing… Any reason to not use a revision number… Ie: alpha1r2


The file will look identical and named identical.
So for now, delete all instances of the downloaded one on your computer, then flash the sd full os back to 1.3.1, the redownload from the link above, and try updating again.

it was a mistake, it will be named like you expect in the future.


Can you increment the file? for example bbctrl-1.4.0_alpha_2.tar.bz2
And thank you for the update.

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This is what was intended to happen, but it mistakenly did not.

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I know you guys did a great job by introducing macros. This is going to be a huge help for all of us.
Can I offer a great option for these macros if you could group them and save them as a group. And also, from macros page to introduce a dropdown to select a group of macros for edit and to set active. That way we could save any repetitive project steps to macros and activate them for later use.

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First - this post is really only for the development team - won’t be useful to the rest of you. Just a lot of “old man pressing buttons”.

I reflashed the SD card back to 1.3.1 then installed 1.4.0 Alpha 1 ver 2

There were 2 other videos but I could not get the file sizes down to the limit to load up here. But I think these give the idea of what i experienced.

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Totally agree with the extra are you sure button. Kinda defeats the point.

I just have to say I am impressed that you wrote macros in Lotus. I’m not sure many people know of lotus beyond it being a flower :slight_smile:

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Just a heads up, the macros do not come from or get stored to the same directory as the files that run on the main page drop down. That’s why you aren’t seeing them in the macros.

If you have both a computer and local screen open at the same time, you have to hit the ‘refresh’ button at the top left (google chrome browser refresh) for them to sync up. Until you refresh or reboot, it won’t show.

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No I knew they did not get stored to that directory. I expect the intent is that we should be able to load into a macro whatever is in that directory though. Correct me if I am wrong. From the macro creation page I was able to see the main page directory but not all the files in it were showing up.