1.4.0 Alpha 1 (Macros update)

Just so you know:
This time with all the alpha version 2 testing, I did not have the laptop connected at all when I was using the macros.
I did everything related to macros on the controller screen only.
I did connect the laptop at one point to load up the flatten rectangle.nc file, or whatever it was called, then shut the laptop down as soon as that was done.

Love to give this a shot , but I’m gonna wait for it get to beta first. Looking forward to it.

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Had a TSR that took the numbers off a blueprint using a sonic digitizer, the TSR would paste the numbers into a cell in Lotus or Symphony, then I had macros that would report the number of nails, sheets of gyproc etc and cost them out with labor time calculated, some of the macros were longer than three months in jail. Just wish I had stayed current now, but just another woulda shoulda coulda.


@OnefinityCNC, About the “are you sure” prompt for every macro, Would it be possible to have a check box for every macro to activate this prompt or not? The logic behind it is that for some macros, you don’t need that extra level of safety and for some other you do. For example, a macro that turns on the vacuum, even if you do by mistake, it won’t hurt anyone, on the other hand a macro that moves the router at a specified position might cause damage if something is in the way.

Might as well implement a customisable prompt message for each macro, if the user chooses so.

What do you think? Is it feasible? Is it in your plans?


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you read our mind…we are working on it and will let you know once is ready to do the testing.


alpha 1 is outdated.

Alpha 2 here: