1.5kw 110v Huanyang Spindle + VFD (Sold)

I bit the bullet and upgraded to 220v service, so I don’t need this any longer.

Purchased from the huanyang store on amazon. Has about 3 hours of use. Watercooled, 110v. VFD will come programmed and set up for modbus, but can be changed to manual spindle speed easily. I’ve got another aircraft connector i will include. Does not include power cord or spindle control cable.

Comes with a set of er11 collets, some wrenches, and a couple of extra nuts that i bought extra. I have some water hose i will toss in as well although I would just spend $10 and buy the nicer hoses from your local big box. I found they fit much tighter. They sent me a 220v pump you can have if you want, I’ve never opened it.

I initially went for this over a 2.2 in the interest of not tripping a breaker. I ran my 1F and this on the same circuit and when doing test cuts never saw higher than 9 amps and I was hauling ass, so if electrical load is a concern for you, this should be reassuring. I do quite a bit of surfacing slabs with a 1.5" surfacing bit and this did not miss a beat.

Call it $175 shipped USPS flat rate.

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Sold pending funds.

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