10.8" Monitor: How to connect it to power and the controller

For the 10" screen, there is one HDMI port on the screen that goes to HDMI port (not one of the 4 usb ports) on the back of the Onefinity Controller (for video). Then, the usb c with the lightning bolt on the port (on the screen) goes to the usb wall adapter (included in the box) to the wall power outlet for power. Finally, the other usb c port goes to the back of the controller in any one of the 4 usb ports for the touch ability (not connecting this will still show video, but there will be no touch input).

To get the right video size/calibration, ALWAYS turn the screen on BEFORE turning on the controller. The controller reads the screen (if it’s on) to know what size it should adjust to before displaying video.


If you have verified you have the cables connected correctly and the screen is blinking on and off during a cut, you may be experiencing EMI. Ensure you have the controller and screen on one outlet, and the vacuum and spindle/router on a separate circuit/outlet. If that does not correct the issue, consider placing ferrite cores on each cable that connects to the screen: https://amzn.to/2XDpH0O