10% Off Amana Bits

Hey everyone!

I talked to my friend about getting some discounts to share on here as well as my youtube channel (no need to sub).

It’s 10% off. Discount code won’t work online, but you can call in or email them (I’ll link below). Pretty much you find the bit, Amana for example, and email them the number as well as the discount code: “Hamilton”, and you get 10% off.

They mainly work with commercial clients, so their website isn’t set up for “residential” users. That means that most of their stock isn’t listed on their website. They said they can get any Amana bits, as well as some others. I assume you could ask for “1/4 spiral upcut bit” and they could send you prices. Otherwise sending the exact code for an Amana bit would work great!

Here is the website: https://www.theindustrialdepot.com/
Here is the phone number: (678)904-5000 (Ask for David)
Here is the email: sales@theindustrialdepot.com

Discount Code: Hamilton for 10% off

Hopefully this is helpful for someone out there!
Reply to this if there is any trouble and I can get it cleared up!