110v 2.2kw Water-cooled CNC Spindle, with accessories $175


I am selling a like-new 110v 2.2kw Water-cooled spindle + collets + coolant pump. I purchased this for a Shapeoko I configured for a friend, and he ended up not using it. This unit has less than 2 hours use (setting up and testing).

This just needs a 110v VFD and is ready to roll. Much quieter than a router by far.

Huanyang Water Cooled CNC Spindle Milling Motor
110V 2.2KW 24000 RPM 400hz Φ80mm
ER20 Collet

Water-cooled spindled Kit including 13-piece collet set, wrenches, pump and Cambro container for coolant (or just the lid if you want to save on shipping).

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