1F Woodworker For Sale -In box unused

I am Located in Middle Georgia and moving within the next week. Willing to ship, but prefer pickup

Taking Offers at prudhommejc@gmail.com , not this forum

Selling to save on space for move.

Will update when sold

Are you moving out west?

I am not
. Thanks for the interest though

is it still available?

Yes it is still available

What’s your price? I can come get it.

I am in Farmington CT, not sure we went over that. My Price is $2300. I’m putting one on order as soon as I settle into a new place. Thanks

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Thought you were in GA?

I just left there a few days ago


I am in Farmington CT if anyone in this area is interested. $2300

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Hi, I am actually in Newtown CT - I am interested. I can come by tomorrow for $1,500 cash.

Sold and thanks to James!