(2) 2.5" ABS Hose Clamps for Vacuum Arm

I just finished printing a pair of 2.5" Vacuum Clamps that attach to the Vacuum arm being sold in the accessory page before I realized that my hose is 1.857" So if anyone is interested you can have them both for $5.00 to cover postage & padded envelope.

They printed great, and I used the spec infill and 4x wall thickness recommended.

Anyone interested, just PM me.


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Those look great!! I just wanted everyone to know that these will only fit the Thingiverse files. I did some design changes to be a little cleaner and more functional, which included extending the “leg part of the clip”.


Thanks for the clarification @RowdyRoman I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone. The design thus far has printed awesome. Did you make the clip longer or wider, or both?

On the top of the joints I added a groove for the router cable which led to extending the legs of the clips. The clips also have clips for water lines if you go the spindle route. These modifications allow for no zipties needed unless you purchase the base model and then zipties are provided. I will be putting out a video here soon!

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@RowdyRoman - will you be posting the updated files to Thiniverse?


@cyberreefguru as of right now you can visit my Etsy shop for the base digital file. All other modifications will eventually be updated but not at this time

Thanks Peter - I didn’t see the digital files on your Etsy shop (other than the base) - only the physical printed units. Happy to pay for the digital files if you want, but I want something other than black :wink:


@cyberreefguru Thank you for your interest however digital files will not be available until a later date. Hope you understand. Thank you