2.2kw spindle enough?

Ordered the Elite, is there a reason to go with more than a 2.2kw spindle have been looking at the pnwcnc water cooled which is 15% off until tomorrow night are there any other plug and play units out there I should be considering?

I am new to woodworking and use the air cooled 2.2 along with vcarve 11.5 with the tools database has taken a lot of frustrating scenarios. Plus if the spindle gets stuck, it will error out and stop moving.

FYI I have surfaced hardwood with a 2 3/8 bit half inch shank with no problems at all.

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Hey Mark,

a 2.2 kW spindle has a lot of power and should be enough for milling wood or aluminium, brass, plastics on your Onefinity CNC. It has much more power than the Makita hand trim router, which also is not safe if overloaded and not allowed to use in a CNC by Makita.

:warning: But you got to take care whether the power labeled on the spindle is real or fake. Many cheap chinese spindle vendors label their spindles as a 2.2 kW spindle but in real it’s only a 1.5 kW spindle, as explained here!

You can check this with the current (Ampère) value that the vendor tells you to set in your VFD. See the formulae in the posting above.

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