3) Onefinity CNC - 3 Must Haves in a CNC Wasteboard: Includes MATCHFIT Dovetail Wasteboard System Files FREE

I did . The Max soft Limit is set to 48.0315.

What do you have the revs/in set at? Maybe it reverted you to the old numbers for the x-35 lead screws.

Does this help. I have no idea. I did the update. It may be different.IDK

Check the travel-per-rev. The limit setting is correct. But if the revs setting is wrong it won’t make it all the way (or conversely can crash into the other side). I’m on an airplane so can’t check mine but a search here on travel-per-rev should get you a post with the right setting.

Although it seems to me if it were wrong, it would report 48 even though it stopped short.

Worth an email to Support since it wasn’t any of the typical culprits.

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If you are unsure of the issue, the easiest option may be to try resetting the configuration to defaults.

I’ve done that. No change.

Thank you for your help. I emailed tech support. They asked me to send them a video of what I was doing. They figured it out. It was user error. I was moving it to the right at 5 inch intervals. When it got to 45 it couldn’t go five more inches. If I had hit the 1 inch button it would have continued. Now I can set up the waste board you created. I really appreciate all you did



Good news. Sometimes the only way to find something is to watch what’s happening.

I know. I feel dumb. Thanks for the help

Thanks Morgan. I gathered this would be the case from reading the PDF documentation you provided, however I am glad I’ve found this answer in the forum as it is not 100% clear in the Instructions. :face_in_clouds:

Made these diy for my dovetail board from old brackets. Bent them with adjustable spanner’s

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Any Fusion 360 users here were able to figure the toolpaths and depths for this wasteboard? Thanks

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I too was wondering the same thing.

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I use CarveCo but use TopSolid to model so I could let you have a .step and .dwg file. Now, this is for the Woodworker and I changed the size to 800mm x 800mm with 100mm spacing. I’m sure it can be adjusted to suit you.