4th Axis A Motor settings

I realize OneFinity does not support 4th Axix but for those who are using the Y or X axis as a 4th axis does anyone have a best settings for the stepper motor? I’m using M1 and want to use good settings for it. Maybe a couple of screen shots showing the setting you use for step angle, velocity, acceleration, micro steps, etc.?

Any help much appreciated.

These settings would be dependent on the stepper in the rotary unit you purchased. What did you get?

Here everything already published in one post.
This will work if you have the Nema23 stepper with the rotary that has a 6:1 ratio.

Here Roger T.'s Installation guide:

Rotary Setup for Onefinity.pdf (5.7 MB)

Here the post processor:
Onefinity ROTARY (MM).pp (5.0 KB)

Here the cable wiring:

The other piece of hardware you will need is a motor extension cable from 1F.

And keep V1.0.9 of the controller software, it will work better with the rotary.

Good luck! It does take some effort to get the hardware and software side sorted out.

I think I changed the micro steps on the A motor to 32, I will look it up next time I switch on the 1F.



Here a piece I cut for test purposes to check the precision/measurements.
I am about 0.25mm oversize, that not too bad.
If I lower the Z by another 0.1mm I should be spot on.
I did not care about surface quality for the test. This was done in 35 minutes.
Again, the Onefinity is a very precise CNC. I love the hardware.

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Thanks Tom. I have all of that nd used the settings and Post Processor. What I am looking for is best settings. As example I know that the Velocity of the motor is better at 7200 and the Max. Acceleration is good at 500. So what I am looking for is any changes made in those and other settings of Motor 1 that give you the best performance and decrease the carve time. To do something like this on YouTube. When I set up Mother Mary file the carve time was 36+ hours.


I still have my microsteps at 16.

I personally am looking for precision rather than speed, i have slowed it down and noticed the surfaces came out much cleaner.

max vel 7m/min.
max accel 500
max jerk 750.

That probably won’t help, you can run your machine much faster if speed is what you are looking for.

I think if you want to reduce carve time it is best to work on your tool setting. Why not remove 1.5 or even 2 mm per step when roughing out. Also the stepover for finishing can be more like 20-30 percent, if the tool is small its less noticeable. If you finishing with a R1mm tapered ball instead of a R0.25mm that will save a lot of carving time, it might be 4-8 times faster. I would recommend playing around with tools and speeds.
At the end a bit that fits the job might set you back only a few dollars but save a lot of machine time.

The video looks totally off to me. I can clearly see the tapered ball bending, and surface quality is pretty bad. I would rough out with a 6.35mm ball end first. But it’s fast. Not what I am looking for

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Thanks I’ll try those tips.

Here are my current Motor 1 settings. Seem to be working OK. Will try to carve an ornamental candle stick holder in the next few days. 3”x7” in MM settings.

Max velocity 182 meter per minute or 508 RPM? Does that not stall the motor?

No. I just finished a 2:45 carve using it.


I’m using a Skinny Jenny 1/16 ball nose for the finish. I think I can save some carve time by changing the step over from 10% to 20% and the feed rate from 120 to 150.

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