4th Axis Carve Times

I’m looking for information from someone who is using the 1F with a 4th Axis.

I recently set mine up and did a couple of test runs and was pleased. I’m using VCarve Pro and the Builbotics controller. After doing the Wrapping gadget I imported a fancy ballister. Set up my toolpath and looked great. The Rounding path was about 20 minutes and the 3D ballister Roughing and Finishing paths were 35 minutes and 1:25 respectively. When I loaded the toolpaths into the machine the first two looked OK but the finishing toolpath went to 36+ hours.
-Project is 2.5”x8.75”
-Finish toolpath
-Bit-Skinny Jenny
I am thinking it must be in the machine settings or is this typical?

Any projects and times?

I see you mentioned using the Buildbotics controller. If that controller can change speeds on the fly can you point me to more information on that???


No it can not change speeds on the fly.

I get vastly different tool path time depending my on settings.
I would try to run the skinny Jenny at the upper limits to reduce cutting time,
just throwing in some numbers here, maybe feed rate about 40inch/min, chip load 0.01.
The stepover I would bring up to maybe 15-30%. It’s a small tool so the marks will be less pronounced.
That might reduce the finishing path time a lot.

Also, did you use 2 tools with rest machining for the finishing tool path? Maybe a 1/4 inch ball end first, then tool change to the skinny Jenny?

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I changed my step over to 20% and my feed rate from 120 to 150.

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