6) Onefinity CNC - Miter Folds on your CNC

In this video, we show you how to create toolpaths and set up your CNC for miter folds. With this process, you can quickly and easily create boxes, trays, shelves, anything with mitered corners out of a single piece of wood.

File used to make the video:
Miter Fold Box 6 Passes.dxf (131.9 KB)
Miter Fold Box 19x23.crv (101.5 KB)
Miter Fold Box 19x23.ngc (6.7 KB)


That’s great! Thanks!

Were you manually inputting the commands or were you running a file?

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If you zero from the wasteboard instead of material surface it should be a bit easier to accurately cut the depth of the joints, right? You might not even need to know the exact material thickness at all as long as the miters are cut high enough.


Thank you for the video, great info

I probably overlooked this info, but how much material do you leave? Thanks.

Based on the provided VCarve file, the material thickness is set to 0.49" and the deepest toolpath for the miter fold is set to 0.475". So, the thinnest portion of the miter (i.e., the fold line) is 0.015".

Awhile back, I parted with $250 for Rockler’s (Andy Klein’s) miter fold dado set. It works great as long as the downward pressure during the cut is consistent. This looks to be more consistent. I need to give it a try. This also seems to be a prime candidate for a Gadget!


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this makes sense to me…

Can you explain what a Gadget refers to for those new to the fold (pun intended)?

It’s the term VCarve uses for what others might call a plugin or extension — a small bit of software to add a specific feature.

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Precisely. For instance, there is a gadget for designing dovetails and box joints. You plug in the numbers for material size/thickness, number/size of pins and tails, tolerance (to keep the joint loose enough to assemble,) choose your bits, and press enter. voila, your parts show up ready for tool paths.


Thank you for explaing.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Hello Morgan great video! I am fairly new to all of this and wondering how I could do this using Carbide create? I tried a few samples which were epic fails? Do you have a video or a better explanation of how this is done on the software side? Thanks for all you do!

I have used this method before and zeroing off the waste board works best for me. Also while the board is secured I cut an 1/8" groove 1/4" from the outside edge to hold the bottom,

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