A few items for sale or free

I got my Journeyman in November so haven’t used it long but decided to upgraded to am 80mm Spindle and I have some extra parts. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Shipping not included for these items.
65mm Spindle holder - $35

Touch probe - Claimed

Flexible plates for Suck it dust boot - claimed

Suck it Dust Boot arms - $9

Suck it dust boot brushes- claimed

Stuff below is free - just pay shipping.
Suck it Dust Boot - Claimed
Suck it dust boot Rear magnetic clip and brushes - claimed
Suck it Extension Rails for 80mm Spindle - claimed
Onefinity Screen Holder - came with Journeyman, I just don’t like it
Combo wrench and touchplate holder - Claimed

I’m interested in the dust boot and the rear clip. I shredded mine quite a while ago :rofl:

All yours! Just send me your address and I will figure out some cheap shipping.

email me at dave@sandercreations.com

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Does the touch probe come with the cable?

Here are the few things that are still available. A couple items I previously sent had gotten lost in the mail so all further shipping will include tracking numbers.

Flexible Router shields for the suck-it Dust Boot. Will also include 1 hardplate. All brand new, never used. $11 shipping included

65mm Spindle holder - $35 plus shipping

Long Go-Pro Holder (Rowdy Roman) - used once - $20 plus shipping

Suck-it Dust Boot arms Includes one brush for Suck-it Boot - gone

1F Screen Holder - Free, just pay shipping

Surface Mount PwnCNC Keypad Mount in purple - $5 plus shipping

I’m interested in the Suck it Dust Boot arms if you still have them.I’ll send you my email and address.

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