Ability to add more than one file at a time

Would be nice if we could load more than one file at a time remotely via the web browser. Sometimes I have 5+ toolpaths and this would save a little bit of time and reduce the chance of missing one.


I do it all the time. When I save my toolpaths in Aspire with the same bit it creates 1 file. The only aggravating thing is the OF post processer adds a popup to continue after each path. I could remove the message if I really wanted it to run without interruptions.

Yes I have discovered that myself, so I leave them as separate toolpaths, that way my router and shop-vac automatically shut off if I’m not immediately near by. I’d like to be able to select multiple files at one time when adding them to the machine. Just saves some steps.

I also think this is something needed

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Hi Barry, how are you able to turn off the vacuum and the router automatically, I would like to do something similar, sorry I am new to CNC, just had mine for a week. Thanks!

It’s kind of a rats nest, but you will need:
DB25 Breakout Board

IoT Power Relay

Current-sensing switchbox, or similar

Router plugs into the “Normally Off” power socket on the IoT Relay
DB25 pin 15 and Gnd plug into side of IoT Relay
IoT Plugs into “Power Tool” socket of Switch Box
Dust COllector plugs into Dust Collector socket of Switch Box.

I have this setup, and used a regular power strip so I could plug the IoT and my table saw into the Power Tool outlet, so my dust collector turns on and off with the CNC and the table saw.

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Thank you for sharing Scott, I appreciate it. I will be giving this a try.