Any Canadians looking to sell their X50 or X35?

I live in the Maritimes and willing to pay shipping.

I am looking to sell my x35 with a j-tech 7w laser. I’m in Ontario

How much are looking to get for it?..…I have a laser so I don’t really need that but maybe we can talk about it.



How about I’ll list what I got, with the prices I was thinking. Then you can let me know what you think and/or want from there.

Woodworker x35 with stiffy and 10” touch screen display (comes with onefinity controller and I’ll throw in my onefinity suck it dust boot for free)- $2400 CAD
J-tech 7W laser and controller - $700
Vcarve desktop version - $400 (but I’m unsure if you’re able to sell the software)

I believe I have the original boxes for shipping as well. I’ll also post some current pictures of it for you to see. Can also post a video of it functioning if you’d like.

Let me know, cheers

Thanks but I think I will pass

Mike Clarke
50 Thornhill Dr. Unit 10
Dartmouth, NS, Canada
B3B 1S1
Bus: (902) 404-3430
Fax: (902) 404-3431
Cell: (902) 456-1515

Hi Mike - are you still looking? I am in Ontario and have my Journeyman X50 for sale. It is less than year old.

Hi Jim,

Yes I’m still looking, what price are you looking at getting? Can you send pics ?



Hi Mike - what is your e-mail address?

Hi Jim,


e-mail sent Mike…

Ryan, do you still have your x50 available?? if so could you send pics to i live in Winnipeg and would need it shipped to R2C3B7, could you find the shipping costs??

Hey Jim

Starting to look for options. Fire me an email if your units still available… I am in Cobourg On.


I know a few guys in Newmarket Ontario that have a warehouse full of X50 and X35 machines they’re willing to sell.


would you be wiling to give contact info for these people?? i am interested in the x50.

it’s us, he’s making a joke :stuck_out_tongue: Onefinity is located in Newmarket, ON.

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Oh that is cute… :blush:

I really like the machine, the exchange is what kills me. Thought you would have a special deal for a Canadian customer.

Don’t get me wrong I get the exchange enhances the profit, I get it. I too was in business. Just retired and this is my hobby. But thought there may be a different price if the system stays in Canada??


You say this, yet there is a 16-20 week delay?? Then there are not a building full of them. Heehee. :blush:

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The X50 series machines are currently only 1-2 weeks which is essentially “in stock” and they are a fantastic machine.


So the elite woodworker (32x32) is in stock?? I got an email from that said between 18-20 weeks, see attached. If it is only 1-2 weeks, I will order tomorrow, let me know for sure…


Not the Elite models, just the regular Woodworker and Journeyman (X35 and X50 machines like in the subject) are “in stock” - Elite systems just started shipping for the first time so there won’t be anyone reselling them - only a handful of people even have one assembled.

WRT the exchange, the price is the price, so if it were listed in Canadian dollars to begin with, it would simply be a higher figure. US currency is, for the time being, how most of the world operates so it makes sense to price in USD. My guess is that 90%+ of Onefinity sales are to the US. In my own previous business I didn’t make even 1 Canadian sale for every 200 international.