Anyone using a Touch Probe (not touch plate)

Has anyone configured an interactive touch probe on their Masso/Elite system?

By probe, I mean this:

And not a touch “plate,” which is what’s sold on the OneFinity site or a tool setter.

Masso documentation on the subject: Touch Probe

I use the Drewtronics probe with my Masso G3 ATC setup. Although I have it configured as a tool, I usually just pop it in to do quick X and Y zeros - being careful of the spindle settings to avoid an auto on situation.

I was hoping to find anyone using a touch probe on the original 1F too. Seems like it would be an awesome addition.

I fail to see the advantage/use if you already have a touchoff block calibrated

  1. Odd-shaped workpiece
  2. Set XY from center of a hole
  3. Extremely precise
  4. They’re cool electronic digital devices
  5. Bragging rights

In reverse order…

4, 5 I definitely see. 3, the block is only precise as you measure it. 2 the only practical use I can see and 1 if it’s a triangle i would think it would be worse than using a block with the face of the triangle on one side and the corner in the corner

Have you ever used a touch plate to surface map a slab with a few hundred points? Seems cumbersome.

Combined with a tool setter you don’t have to measure an inconsistent aluminum block with potentially inconsistent calipers.

In the case of the 1F touch plate, you won’t have to replace the wire every few months.

Touch plates can move when touched, making the reading from the second touch incorrect.

Touch plate won’t work for X/Y on stock thinner than the lip of the plate (which varies from plate brand to brand)

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That first point i can understand if the need existed… i don’t even know what i would i would do with all that information though, but serving as multi point height sensor, if that’s the need exists and the knowledge of softwares, ok

I would measure 4, 6, 8 points then pick a point if i had to.

That’s why i didn’t buy their probe. I bought the dog river one, then the crimper and fittings to refit the connection, $2 of wire at home depot and still came out for about the same price (if adding shipping, i came out ahead), but I’m confident that the wires won’t fail because there is no banana clip

Can’t redo it?

It can work if you account for that by adding sacrificial material since you can’t do xyz at the same time anyway

Its okay I’ve further cemented its not something for me, so thanks everyone. I do like dodads and cool guy accessories, but again it’s not something I’d use because my probe and setter get me thru everything i want.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to get one. :slight_smile: They exist for many reasons, I was just giving a few additional ones.

I started this thread only to get a read of which ones people might have already set up with success on the Masso as I’d like to pick one up soon.

I am always using mine to dial in the many different work holding fixture plates I use (for example taking Z heights at various locations on a vacuum plate), as well as lining up work pieces along the X or Y axes. I also use it when finding the X/Y locations on ISO20 linear tool rack - I use it to find the centre of the hole of the 3D printed holder. As I gain more experience, and challenge myself with new projects, I am finding more and more that I use a wide variety of methods to locate stock/fixtures/…

Got this guy in the other day but have yet to test it out as I’m waiting on some Molex connectors. It fits a small magnetic USB-C connector I also picked up, which eliminates the cord possibly yanking on the connection if it gets tangled somewhere.

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I am considering this as a future purchase as it takes up less Z travel than my current Drewtronics probe.
I would enjoy seeing how repeatable it is, should you choose to share some data once you have dialed in the concentricity and tested it a few times.

This youtube video shows a full teardown which is where I first saw this model.

This one is also very thorough

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Be careful when placing orders late at night. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::sleeping:

Long story short, I ended up buying TWO of these probes so now I have one available for sale. I’ll put a post in the sales sub-forum which will also contain the original Onefinity touch plate.

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