"ascii codec can't encode charcaters in position"

Hello everyone,

I have just got myself a onefinity journeyman x-50.
After a couple of runs the machine was acting wierd, wasen’t moving correctly.

Did semi circles and went in different feed rates. Don’t really know what happend.

I have changed the jerk speed to 10k, but after this I changed it back and did the new firmware update, after this I get a “error” like the title.

“ERROR - ascii codec can’t encode characters in position 24-25: ordinal not in range(128)”

I couldn’t find anyone else that talked about this, or is it just a rookie misstake somehow ?

error ascii codec

Thanks in advance.

Did you accidentally put a wrong character in the jerk speed? A - or a *?
I dont think its possible to put a space in, that is a common thing accidentaly entered into places they are not allowed.

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