Box joints/dovetail substitute?

Is there any woodworking joint that will work to join two boards at a 90 degree angle that doesn’t require vertical mounting? Preferably something that looks cool?

I.e. a substitute for a fingerjoin or dovetail?

I’d like to pop out some bookcases. I don’t even know if it’s possible but it seems like it should be.

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I’ll probably get corrected on one or more of these but
tongue and groove
mitered 45’s
cove and pin

I’ve done half-blind box joints laid flat. There are some visible filet holes but not from the blind front face and I personally liked the look from the side:




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that’s cool. How did you lay them out?

I’ve done something similar with a box joint where everything is machined flat. There are dogbones in the corners to allow the pieces to fit together.


I just did it manually in vcarve as a test of a home-built CNC. Created the edge profiles and then just copied them to all the relevant sides. Looks like jointcam or a similar program might do this for you if you’re going to be doing it regularly, but I was just trying it out and it wasn’t that hard to lay it out manually for 3 different-sized boxes.