Brand new never used JTech 24watt laser (Sold)

I jumped the gun a little too fast here. Now that I have kind of gravitated to a Z Dependent dust boot (PWN CNC v10), there is no way, I am taking the dust system off the front of my spindle every time I want to use the laser. Originally I was either going to go with the suckit pro (which I have but don’t like how flimsy it is) OR with a Z independent dust boot that is rear mounted on the back (like PWN CNC dust boot v9).

This is brand new in the box with all of the parts sent to me from OneFinity. I will even throw in the mini commercial air assist fan/motor I purchased for this (which was pushing $100 just for it).

Currently the JTech 24watt OneFinity kit sells for $1250 (before tax and shipping), and I paid $1,336.43, with the air assist pump, I’m in it for almost $1,450 and nothing has been fired up (I did plug the air assist in to make sure it worked, since I could return it to Amazon). Any offers?

Tried to edit the title to include the price, with no luck…

How about $999 you pay shipping ?

Where are you based? Hopefully USA

Georgia, near Atlanta

Hey Lon,
do you mean you would send the $1,000 check and I can make sure it clears, and then ship as soon as it does? (I think it usually takes around 1-3 days for them to clear). I could then do insured shipping with tracking.