Buying Custom Models Question

Hey, so I was wondering about how to get in contact with someone who can model what I’m wanting to cut out. I’m afraid I’m a ways away from being able to model what I want, myself.

How do I find people to model things for me that understand the needs of being cut out on a CNC?

How much should I expect to pay for a custom model?

I essentially am looking to have a model made of a graphite mold so that I can cast small parts. (Pic included If I can add one) I only have pictures of what I want, and nothing more lol. What I want would be similar to this picture, but not exactly like it.

Also any guidance on bits needed for cutting graphite would be cool too.

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Depends on the model. The one you showed you can do pretty easily using stock 3D art from Vectric for VCarve or Aspire.

For a custom design from your own artwork you might try posting a request here or even someplace like Fiverr.

Thanks Jim for the reply!

Any clue on how much I should expect to pay?

I offer design services and charge by the job (not by the hour) based on complexity. Shoot me an email if you are interested in chatting.

Edit: graphite is relatively soft compared to some things people are milling with their 1F. I’d say any hss or carbide tool should work just fine.

Edit #2: My wife has pointed out that a better initial response would have been:
I model for money. I also do CAD work
I’m a lucky guy. She’s prettier and funnier than I am.


Just sent you an email, thanks!

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I’ll get you something official before COB tomorrow!

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