Canceling order

Couldn’t find any information on the cancellation policy… I’d like to order for delivery in July but there’s a small, non-zero chance that I’ll move out of the country. What is the window for cancelling an order?

Not many people have cancelled. Might be best to email 1F directly if you have not yet done so.

They told me cancellation wasn’t a problem up until your unit is “released to production,” which I’m assuming from the order status info on the web is maybe a week or two before ship. (Was a little surprised that they charged my card at order time – I thought normal practice, if not regulatory requirement, was to charge when shipped. As a result they’d have to actively issue a refund.)

The practice of charging the card before shipping seems to be becoming more common, but Onefinity does tell you that up-front (at least they did when I ordered mine last year).

Best of luck with the outcome of your potential move. Hopefully when the dust settles, you can still order at some point.

With the back log of orders if you cancel I’m sure you’ll just move the next person up one spot. It’s not like a custom item where they are stuck trying to find a buyer. I bet you could cancel the day before they ship it.