Collet bent maybe

I do carve a lot of hard wood and sometimes occasionally make mistakes. Didn’t know you could bend or cause the collet out of alignment.

Found this instagram post yesterday. So ordered new collets yesterday from Elaire corp. Login • Instagram

AWeirdguy - He shows in his post the if you spin an end mill like a tapped ball nose and you see it wobble you may have bent the collet.


I had the same thing on the stock collet so ordered a couple of spares as well. It certainly was not the fault of the router and I wish I could say crashes don’t happen any more, but such is not the case on occasion. The original got so egg shaped and wouldn’t hold a bit at all.

I would also check the spindle itself. I’ve never heard of a bent collet, but I suppose anything is possible. Generally the collet will not absorb any shock load without transferring it to the spindle. Now if you mean the collet was manufactured with a runout issue, that’s entirely possible.

I was thinking the same thing Bill said. I have trouble believing it was the collet, but little surprises me theses days.