Controller falling off network

If I leave the controller on for a few hours when I come back to load the next file via my phones browser (I keep all the files on my home nas) it is no longer able to connect to the controller.

If I refresh the controllers browser the ip and ssid stay the same as well.

Anyone else having this problem?

Few questions:

what type of phone?

Is the phone up to date on updates?

What browser did you use?

I have access my controller form my surface(Win10) and from my iPhone 10XR - iOS 14.2 I have cleared my browser from time to time but also have chrome loaded sometime default browser has issues.

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Pixel 4 xl… Chrome

Tonight I connected to it hours later from my pc. Guessing maybe it is just my phone. Will test with pc next time it happens.

Also interesting that my phone generally does not like connecting to it by name vs ip but the pc did no problem.