Custom Controller - DDCSV3.1

Selling my DDCSV3.1 controller, built into a gutted Onefinity controller box. This is NOT a complete controller, this requires drivers. It’s configured as plug & play for a Gecko G540 driver. This is a really great head-start into stepping into the waters of custom controllers, but you still have some work to get it configured. The enclosure contains the DDCSV3.1 controller, small 24v power supply, power switch, zeroing home button, probe input, USB port, and cable with DB25 connector. As stated, the controller is pre-configured for a Gecko G540, but can be used with other break-out-boards with a DB25 connector. You could potentially gut your existing Onefinity controller and using the same power supply, build the G540 into the back panel of the controller. Doing this, you would have only the cost of the G540 in additional cost ($270). I put this together to have a spare controller, but I really don’t foresee needing it which is why I decided to offer it up for sale. Price is firm, I’m just as happy to keep it if it doesn’t sell. Probe shown in one of the pics is not included. This is not a network or wireless enabled controller, file transfer by USB drive only.

Price is $300 + shipping.

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Can’t edit the original post, so I’m updating it here. I’m adding a Gecko G540 that is plug n play with the DDCS controller via. the DB25 connector. The G540 comes with DB9 backshells that you will wire up to the motors. Highly recommend that you purchase 2 sets of 2’ extension cables from Onefinity, and create 4 pigtails that will have the DB9 connector on one end and the mini Molex connector on the other end. That will enable your existing wiring to also plug n play to the G540. This unit was sent in to Gecko for checkup, and returned with a clean bill of health. Here’s everything you need to know about the G540.

Additionally, as mentioned above in the original listing, you can very easily modify your existing controller to power the G540. If done right, the modification you do to your 1F controller is 100% reversible. You remove the end plate of the controller, disconnect & slide out the board, then slide in the blue plate (after cutting the rectangle & mounting holes in it) I will supply the 2D DXF file to the purchaser. This setup will use the existing power supply. That, and the e-stop button will be wired to the G540. If you don’t want to modify the 1F controller, you’ll need to construct your own housing for it. I can supply a Meanwell 36v power supply for an additional $50.

Total price for this setup (G540 and DDCS controller) is $450 + shipping.