Cutting Area of 32.125 Inches

The max cutting area I can choose is 32.125". I thought it was supposed to be 32.25" Is anyone else having this issue?

Hi Rob - the max cut area appears to be 819.15mm square (32.25"), but the machine limits are set to 816mm square (32.126") in the settings. After homing, the machine backs off a few millimeters (also set in the settings menu) so it decreases the cutting area a little. Since they are all soft limits I’m guessing you can tweak them some.


Thanks Tom. I didn’t read that anywhere and was setting up carves by 32.25 and they were failing… FYI if you set it to 32.216" it fails and say you are 0 over the limit… Have to set 32.125 max.

Hmmm, interesting rounding area? In all fairness, 816mm is really 31.125984" :man_shrugging: