Did I damage anything when wood block stopped rail movement?

One of my cam blocks got between the rail movement and stopped the rail from moving home. It made an awful sound when it hit the interference. Afterward, my rail would not move all the way in the Y-axis to home (short by the length of the block). I discovered that I could fix the problem by sending the rail in the opposite direction to the other end of the y-axis. When it got there, it made the same noise for the same amount of time. This seems to have fixed the problem. Did I likely damage anything?

On a side note, hitting the spacebar to bring your PC out of sleep can answer the screen prompt “Do you want to Home?” and it will home when you don’t want it to home.

The stepper motors will lose steps when the max holding force is exceeded, this does not damage them. If your gantry is now out of square you can fix it by powering off the controller then pulling or turning the ball screws to move both ends back into square with the Y rail end blocks.


Thanks. That seems to be what I’ve experienced.