Dragchain: Printing your own?

Is anyone printing their own drag chain? Have 3d files for that?

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Check Thingiverse or GrabCAD. iirc, there are some designs up on the forum somewhere.

This one is pretty cool, because you can open it up from the top.

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The ones I purchased from Amazon worked great, and were pretty cheap: Amazon.com

I love to print things but had bad luck with drag chains in the past. Not worth printing IMO.

Buy off Amazon like @MikeH said.


I looked into 3d printing my own but time/effort vs cost/ease led me to just buy from Amazon

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What size did you go with, 15x30 ?

Yup, 15x30. That matches the drag chain brackets I used - it’s important that the drag chain and the brackets are set up for the same size!

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I think I ordered 15x40 which worked well for the Muddy Feet brackets except I did have to drill new hole in the end pieces.

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