Elite Masso USB Disconnects Troubleshooting (EMI) FAQ

If you are experiencing USB disconnects on the Elite Masso, please go through the following troubleshooting steps.

MASSO states “99% of USB disconnection are problems with electrical noise (emi) issues and it is rare for the USB port itself to be the problem.”

Basic testing includes checking:

  • Try a different USB stick (must be 32gb or less with FAT32 formatting).
  • If any additional hardware has been added to the machine and if so what it is?
  • Do you you have a spindle installed or Makita router?
  • There are 2 power outlets on the back of the power supply. What is connected to them?
  • If one outlet is used for dust collection, then test runs with the Dust collection unplugged may stop the problem and give a clue.
  • The Gcode file can be run with the spindle turned off to see if the spindle is causing noise.
  • The USB stick could be bad, please try a new USB stick.
  • Plugging the flash drive directly inside on MASSO by opening up the Masso screen and hooking directly to the 4 USB ports on the side of the MASSO G3 controller should help to eliminate the cable as a possible cause can also be a useful testing technique to try before replacing the USB port.

Test runs can be done using air cuts so that material isn’t wasted. On an intermittent fault a single good run doesn’t mean it is fixed but the more times it works the more assured you can be that the cause has been found. The better faults are the ones that happen constantly as they are easier to find.

There is always the danger of over enthusiastic testing of the USB may give false results, but gentle touching or tapping the flash drive while running a program (air cut) should show if it a problem.

If the problem still persists, please contact us at support@onefinitycnc.com with the findings for all the above suggestions.

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