Elite Series Rotary Suggestion

For those asking about rotary on the Elite series, we’ve been testing this one: https://amzn.to/3EQItDP, with the Masso closed loop stepper replacing the one it comes with. Works great (but you’ll need to wire it up yourself).

We plan on releasing our own rotary, but have no ETA at all at this point (please don’t email or call us asking for an ETA, we don’t have one).


More info from masso here:


I cannot wait to get the Masso! I wanted to go into 4 axis routing, X,Y,Z and three additional 90 degree turns on the A to carve complex STL designs. That was basically not possible with the old controller.

Thanks for making this possible!

I also hope the rotary will fit underneath the new z-slider now, with the old z-slider there was not really enough space,I had to be very careful not to collide.


super cool - could we have on the Wishlist that the Elite profiles for Vectric / Masso includes a Rotary profile?

And maybe make a “Elite Rotary getting started” with the above config and Masso Steppers?

And last but not least - make certain we can order spare/extra Masso steppers direct from Onefinity to maybe include in our Elite shipments?

The above 4 Axis combo is available from a range of eBay and Alibaba sellers but of course without the closed loop stepper.


If I understand the specification data correctly, the only machine with a higher gantry clearance is the elite foreman, due to it using 50 mm Y rails. You gain an inch - now 6 1/4” vs 5 1/4” - when the z assembly is in the highest mounting position.

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Based on the drawings on the Amazon link above the center point is 2.79" so appears it would fit either if it is mounted flush to the table surface

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One inch would be more than enough.

I hope the higher y rails are part of the upgrade program?

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That would not have to be provided by Onefinity.
You just need a post processor, and set the correct settings (for example the steps for the motor) in the controller.
The post processor is usually provided by the g-code software, for example VCarve.
The wiring has been explained before on this forum, and I am sure the community will help.

Only on the foreman model I think as it is the only one with larger diameter Y rails.

Actually the riser blocks from RowdyRoman should solve any clearance problem.


It already does. Look at post processors under MASSO

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Exactly, We’ve used these ourself.

It’ll just need a modification of the table. The table will need a removable section so the rotary axis can mount below the waste board.

It would be nice to find a rotary axis that didn’t come with a chuck. The chuck on my wood lathe has numerous options for jaws where as the rotary axis versions have what look like two sets of jaws that are designed more for metal. So a rotary axis with an internal MT2 taper and/or a standard outer thread would be great.

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What software is being used or recommended, for 4 axis? I am just getting my system set up and currently haven’t purchased anything yet.

VCarve will work to a certain degree.
They are not so interested in 4 axis, I think they neglect it. Anything simple and round is possible, more complicated designs and the software can’t handle it. VCarve is more for hobbyists. I don’t know if there is a post processor for the Masso controller with the rotary , but someone will I am sure release is on this forum

If you use Rhino 7 then there is Rhinocam from MecSoft, Excellent software for professional users but much more expensive. There is no post processor on the market, MecSoft asks another $250 to develop that. I think Onefinity should just team up with MecSoft and they should release it for free.

I have no experience with fusion 360 or carbidecreate.


I was thinking the same. Remove a section panel from the QCW and build a box where the rotary lives in. But the risers might be an easier solution


Came here to say just this!

can the rotary be used for laser engraving?

I have the exact rotary attachment would it be possible to still use it with the stepper motor it came with or do we have to change to the stepper motor

I just installed a masso closed loop stepper on a K12-100, one size larger than you are using. I’m assuming you used the k11-80 due to the interference between the stepper and the chuck with the supplied 350-5M-15 belt on the K12-100. On the K12-100 with the 2nm masso stepper the stepper rubbed on the chuck with the supplied belt, I replace the belt with a 360-5M-15, there still some adjustment available and it doesn’t rub.

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Hi - Same question. Did you get an answer?