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While I have made a bunch of stuff with the OneFinity since it arrived, there hasn’t really been anything I felt worth posting. Until now. lol. I did a job for an active duty service member for a challenge coin display. To be honest I normally try to avoid them because I get board with them. It seems everyone wants the same thing. This person wanted something different, that no one else has. I spent a couple of days online looking at different challenge coin displays to see if my idea has already been done. To be honest I’m sure it has, I just didn’t come across it in my searching. I feel the flaw in many of these is not being able to see the whole coin, as the coin in front hides part of the coin behind it. The key for me was that the person wanted to “display” the coins. My brain stuck on the word “display”. While I was given free reign of the design, it’s still a custom piece. So, after a few back and forth sessions, we had what he wanted, and work began.
I did a glue up of pine and poplar center 0.750 thick boards, and then glued that to a plywood base. After milling I wanted it to still have some heft and hold up. Also getting thicker lumber in my area can be a huge pain, and costly. lol.
The lumber on the machine. I used a few brad nails on the outer edges, and tape and super glue for the rest to hold it down.

After more than a few hours of milling I had this. Instead of cutting slots for the coins to sit in, I milled “semi” round rails for the coins to sit against, as well as the center piece all in one go. This “top” sits at about a ten degree angle. The brad nails where to hold the cut off at the top and bottom.

Off the machine and edges cleaned up a little bit. Measures approximately 31.750 inches by 30.750 inches.

The center piece kind of washes out in the wood grain, but that is ok.

After building out the frame and base. Basically a really big box with a slanted top. I got the stain on.

The customer didn’t want a showroom flawless, and shiny finish, as the coins should be the main attraction, so I left the finish work a little rough. Also went with a satin lacquer finish.

For trim I added on some basic corner molding on the four sides, with the top painted gold, as he is an officer, and quarter round around the base, with some of the gold paint mixed with stain for the center of the front. Then a few strips of unstained mahogany. Then about six coats over the whole thing with the satin lacquer.
The owner sent me a couple of photos with all the coins on, and gave the go ahead that I could share them.


Don’t think that way!

You’d be amazed at the inspiration some of us get from mondane projects.

Oh, and this one is very nice!

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Agree with Mark - anything can inspire! But that challenge coin holder is killer!

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