Firmware 1.1.1 issues

So over the last week I have had a number of random issues pop up since I started using the new firmware. Several times my controller has become unresponsive where the only fix is to reboot. Also I have had my probe stop responding where I thought it was broke until I rebooted and it worked fine after that. Another issues that repeats is I connect to the machine from my home computer and it asked me if I wanted to home again. I had already ran a few projects and it was homed but when I went back out to the machine it had lost its home. Just wondering if anyone else is having any issues like this or should I try and re-flash my firmware again?

try reflashing the sd card.

I have had the problem with the GUI interface no quitting. It happens on a regular basis. When this happens, I can’t connect from a remote PC and the display on the controller says “Aw Snap”. Pressing the button to continue there does nothing. The only way back I have found is to force it to shut down and restart.

I upgraded from 1.0.9 and have re-imaged the SD card with the same results. I expect that I will be backing down to 1.0.9 again.

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Yikes, I’m now having to bounce my controller every few minutes and I’m running 1.0.9
Regretting even having tried to update to 1.1.1

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Went back to previous version after having issues with wifi and now everything works as before.

I’m having issues… no controller for one… and automatically going into a previous g-code for simulation (without my prompt)

How to I go back to 1.09?