Firmware 1.1.1 issues

So over the last week I have had a number of random issues pop up since I started using the new firmware. Several times my controller has become unresponsive where the only fix is to reboot. Also I have had my probe stop responding where I thought it was broke until I rebooted and it worked fine after that. Another issues that repeats is I connect to the machine from my home computer and it asked me if I wanted to home again. I had already ran a few projects and it was homed but when I went back out to the machine it had lost its home. Just wondering if anyone else is having any issues like this or should I try and re-flash my firmware again?

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try reflashing the sd card.

I have had the problem with the GUI interface no quitting. It happens on a regular basis. When this happens, I can’t connect from a remote PC and the display on the controller says “Aw Snap”. Pressing the button to continue there does nothing. The only way back I have found is to force it to shut down and restart.

I upgraded from 1.0.9 and have re-imaged the SD card with the same results. I expect that I will be backing down to 1.0.9 again.


Yikes, I’m now having to bounce my controller every few minutes and I’m running 1.0.9
Regretting even having tried to update to 1.1.1


Went back to previous version after having issues with wifi and now everything works as before.

I’m having issues… no controller for one… and automatically going into a previous g-code for simulation (without my prompt)

How to I go back to 1.09?



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Follow this link to go back to previous version…

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I just experienced the second controller freeze with 1.1.1. The only way I could get the system to respond was to shut down and reboot.

I was watching the job on my remote screen which had said it was within 1 min from finishing. When I turned to the actually machine, I was there just in time for the job to finish, power off router and move to home. However, the screen hardwired to the controller still showed more than 3 mins to go. It is as if the screen stopped communicating to the controller.

Then the entire system froze.

I am reverting back to 1.0.9 for now.

I am having trouble connecting to my wifi with my local wifi extender in my shop. I don’t know how to address or respond to “Host” ???
I sent 1F a request for help.

I’ve been using NC Viewer to edit my g code removing tool change messages between vector carving with the same tool so it will continue without pausing and requiring my prompting anything on the screen. It’s been working great until this most recent firmware update (1.1.1). The controller will read all of my original Carveco g code files just fine, but when they have been edited in NC Viewer, the controller gives this error: {“code”:400,“message”:“Unable to read file - doesn’t appear to be GCode.”}. I’ve checked the original g code file format and the edited g code file from NC Viewer and they are both “.ngc” files. Why won’t the new update recognize my edited g code file?

There is a post processor for carveco maker that has no tool change already built into it. You just need to select it in your pp options

I “upgraded” to firmware 1.1.1 from 1.0.9 and immediately has problems.

First, sometimes the machine will home and sometimes not.

Second, my wired usb game controller no longer works.

1.0.9 was working in all respects, and should have stayed with it, in application of better judgement “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”… but that upgrade notice on the home screen was nagging so I relented.

So I’ll be upgrading (yes upgrading) back down to 1.0.9… I assume no issues with that?

Better care and testing need be employed on these “upgrades”, quite disappointing.

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Thank you JDog for the input. You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m new-ish to the CNC/Carveco world…Where is this “post processor option” you mention for no tool change on my gcode?

Also, I also (as dradlin mentioned) downgraded to 1.0.9 to work around the bug in not reading the gcode and it now also won’t read my edited gcode file from NC Viewer in this version either…and IT ALWAYS DID BEFORE. What has this new update done that makes these files unable to be read/processed when they always worked before? I really need to hear from Onefinity on this one…PLEASE! I have a library of gcode files I OFTEN use in my business that are all now unusable without figuring out the Carveco workaround and re-sending all of my files. ONEFINITY…I NEED HELP ASAP. Orders are backing up and I need to have this fixed or given direction on what has changed. I will say again…these files always worked perfectly in all of the versions prior to 1.1.1.

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JDog…I found the PP option you mentioned. However, I do have two different tools in my machining. This will not allow for me to use the “No Tool Change” option. The way I was doing it before when editing my gcode would allow skip the tool changes when carving different tool paths with the same tool, but still prompt/probe when I do need to change tools.


As long as you save the tool paths separately and use the no tool change you can just select the next tool path on the controller by loading each tool separately. Much faster than all the editing which you shouldn’t need to do.

This update has also rendered my controller useless. I upgraded via web and controller just hung. After a hard reboot (waited 30min), the controller seemed to be running 1.1.1. However, my wired xbox controller and webcam no longer work. I have since downgraded back to 1.0.9 and now have issues i’ve never had with 1.0.9 before. My controller still does not work as it hangs on “processing new file” once it boots. Where do I go from here?

I also have the processing new file issue on 1.0.9 I just keep rebooting and it goes away probably 1 out of every three times. This is not acceptable.

@onefinitydevteam has been helpful in trying to figure out bugs in my machine. He may be able to help you.

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I wanted to add this here, as i put it under the 1.1.2 alpha thread before, and i suspect people having 1.1.1 issues might be waiting for a formal release and skipping an alpha. My previous post was:

I’ve got to say, as a new owner, these issues are a little disturbing. These aren’t odd little features not many people use that are having problems. Should 1.1.1 even be out there still? Should there have been a longer, better coordinated beta process before release? Should these releases have been more limited in scope?

I know sometimes 1F explains that they’re a small company with limited resources. Perhaps that means they need to adapt a slower and/or more granular release process. I’ve been in software development since the early 90’s, and that is the tact I’d lean towards. It is much more manageable from a testing and QA perspective, easier to step back from a problematic release, and maintains better relations with customers.

Like many, I have found, way too many, bugs to allow firmware version 1.1.1 to stay on my machine. From the monitor locking up, to loosing X & Y zero, to the whole controller freezing half way through a carve, this version is too flakey to continue to use. As such, I have reverted back to 1.09 until OneFinity can produce a stable firmware version.

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