Firmware 1.1.1 issues

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My monitor, an older LG, ran perfectly on 1.09. Upgraded to 1.1.1 and now I get the " HDMI out of range" message. Switched back to my broken glass touch monitor and I’m back in business.

When the firmware update finished it flashed the “Infinite Possibilities” Home page with the snoozing logo then went blank with the HDMI message beginning to crawl across the screen. Has the display resolution changed?

1.1.1 changed the defult to ‘full hd’, 1080p. if your screen did less, then it will say out of range.
1.1.2 alpha changed it back to 720p, so you can either go back to 1.0.9 or jump to the 1.1.2 alpha.

I went to town and purchased a 32" tv with1080p. Stuff is already on sale Black Friday style. The 32" was $10 more than a 24", so what the heck. Installed it and I’m even happier as the screen is so easy to read. No other issues apparent so far, controller works fine and absolutely love the fact I don’t have to run through a push sequence to get xyz control, thanks guys a real time saver.


I’m new here and just got my X-50 last week. Running firmware 1.1.1 as well. Mine, on occasions, has had the same issues as you with being unresponsive and requiring a restart. It happens usually after I do something to throw an error.
Guess some are saying flash back to 1.0.9. I’ll hold off to doing that till I’m more familiar with the software. Or if they come out with a fix for it. :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing this up. Glad it’s not something I’m doing wrong.

When stoping a job mid way through then using the probe after the job stop causes the machine to lose home. I lost another job due to this. The updated version 1.1.2 is no better.

I kept having the same issue with 1.1.1. I’ve had better luck with 1.1.2, however.
In the 2 or so weeks since i’ve installed it, I only lost home once, whether it was almost a daily occurrence with 1.1.1.