Firmware 1.1.1 Metric to Imperial (No Go)

Have not been on the forum in some time. Working on CNC and it showed new firmware available. 1.1.1
It did an update. One thing that a happened is if you look at page 8 of the controller manual you should be able to select Metric or Imperial. There is no selection showing so it is Metric. Cannot change it. Strange. Just making a record for this on my system.

So I ran into the same thing after I updated. I went over and over the settings page trying to find where to change the setting. I gave up and just accepted that my display would be in metric and it would be something I would get over in time.

Much to my surprise, after about a week, I noticed that the setting was removed from the setup page because 1F conveniently put an imperial/metric toggle button on the top level of the main screen. It is right below the X/Y/Z position information.

Hope this helps.