Firmware Updates

It would be very helpful if 1F would add the MOST RECENT firmware ALL OVER it’s website and titles in this forum. It’s frustrating for someone like me, who’s rarely on this site, to search for the latest firmware. Thank you!

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There is a searchable index @ or just scroll to the bottom of the listing and you will find the ‘Files’ section with the necessary files you require.

its there in the firmware update section. all old firmware states as such. the latest firmware says ‘latest firmware’.

@onefinitycnc Any rough ETA on the next update? Scrapping work pieces due to disconnect was fun at first but not so much anymore.

That’s all fine and dandy. However, I’m suggesting you add it to the background of all pages so a person doesn’t have to go digging for it. It should be readily visible so you KNOW immediately if your version is up to date. Seems like a simple addition to make your site more helpful. That’s all.

If your machine is connected to the wifi, it will show you in the upper left when there is an update. We also post updates on all our social media, here, and the fb group, when an update comes out.

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