Firmware versions and WIFI connectivity

I have a new machine that I’m just getting started with. I’m really happy not only with the machine but the level of conversation and support around here. When I first got my machine connected to the internet, I clicked the “upgrade to 1.1” message and started carving away. I noticed an issue with setting units to Imperial and when I came here I started to see lots of warnings about 1.1 and that I should go back to 1.09. During the time that I was in 1.1, I seemed to have much better WIFI performance on my network (Google Mesh Wifi).

When I read about the issues and that the recommendation to go back to 1.09 - I followed this guidance and reverted back.

I’m reading about the path of the new 1.2 release, and I totally understand what is going on but one question I have is were there any changes in 1.1 that would make WIF performance better ? I know it made it easier to select wifi network, and made the display prettier, but did it have anything that might explain better connectivity and performance ?

If the answer to that question is Yes, then the follow up is will those changes show up in the 1.2 version ? Or will those changes come in whatever the next release that has all the new goodies that were in 1.1 get re-incorporated into the future version ? I know the 1.2 version was re-baselined against 1.09 with some cherry picked changes, so I assume a future version will have all the other things that caused bugs in 1.1. I’m just trying to figure out if the actual performance if WIFI connectivity is likely to be different between any of the different firmware versions, or are the firmware changes really only changing how you select and connect to WIFI ?

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More data FYI. I decided to download the 1.2 beta and see what might happen. I haven’t tried to carve anything yet, but the wifi situation is very strange. I got a wifi repeater and put in my shop. All my phone, Ipad and other devices connect to the repeater just fine. In the 1.2 firmware, the new repeater wifi network appears, but if I select it and reboot the router, it does not connect. The 1f can connect to my Google Mesh wifi just fine, it’s just a very slow connection because there is not a node very close to my shop (which is in a basement). The 1.2 firmware allows you to see what wifi networks the Pi sees, so my list includes both wifi networks, but I can only connect successfully to the Google Mesh network. My internet router is in the basement near my shop, and it’s wifi network doesn’t appear in the list at all. a

Weird. I suspect the Pi can only do the 2.4G networks, and the repeater is a 2.4G and Google does both 2.4G and 5G. Very odd. I believe when I ran the 1.1.1 for a short while, it saw and connected to the wifi network from my router.

I suppose between the 3 different wifi networks there could be some interference, but none of my other devices struggle with it.

Did you upgrade or flash to 1.2. That’s the key difference.

Hi @Mwaldrop I think you’re right on the 2.4Ghz idea. The Pi that’s in the 1F controller is a Raspberry Pi 3, which only supported 2.4. Later versions added 2.4 and 5Ghz.

To answer your question about changes that would impact speed or performance, no. I don’t think you’ll be seeing much in wifi performance differences between the 1F firmware versions. Functionality like seeing available networks, yes. Performance things like latency, throughput I doubt much if any difference.

I upgraded from 1.09. Will flashing fresh be different ?