First Day Lessons

Setup OF last night, spent today working on spoilboard, fences, etc. Complete newbie and here are a few lessons learned today:

  1. If you raise the suckit dustboot waaay up to install a tool that will be plunging deep, and forget to lower it again, you drive the router through the dust plate and get to buy another one.
  2. If you install a dust deputy with a Fein vac and your large chip collector is too shallow, zero mdf dust goes into the chip collector and you get to buy more vac bags.
  3. Recessed stainless steel pan head screws are not end mill friendly - this one is more a bug than a mistake…using laptop to run OF, and there is a slight lag such that the laptop says your newly loaded file is ready to run, but the last toolpath hasn’t necessarily been deleted yet and you may inadvertantly rerun an old toolpath. And yes, you get to buy a new end mill.
  4. 3/4 MDF isn’t.

Think we’ve all been there.

#1 Rule of CNC = Always Mic you materials!!! (Nothing is as advertised anymore)



All excellent points John. I think we’ve all been there. You know how many half clamps I have laying around?? :joy:

Probably as many as the number of half-finished spoilboards I have waiting for the burn barrel next non-windy day.

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