Flipping the Ys (watch onefinity's youtube video)

Is there any reason not to flip the y rails? It seems like having the motors in front is going to save me 2". I think I will need cable extensions to keep the controller up front. But are there any disadvantages? I’m flipping the x also so that the controller is on the right side just because of space.

No reason not to, Paul. It’s all good.

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Mine are flipped. I did it to save space just like you’re thinking about. It’s easy and it works fine.

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Hi. I don’t have my WW yet but I’m thinking of doing this myself to put the cables at the back were they’d be better protected as well as the space advantage.

How is this actually done? The 2 rails would have to be rotated around, but you’d also have to change the software to understand that front and back are switched right? How is this done? I’m hoping this is done in the controller and doesn’t impact any G-Code.


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Cool, thank you. That looks easy.

I don’t get why it doesn’t come this way in the first place. It gets the cable out of the way and you’re not losing any space in front if you use the suckit dust boot since it sticks out some anyway.

So the screen has a place to mount on the foot