For Sale - hybrid machinist + woodworker x-50 (16x32)

Selling my machinist that has the upgraded woodworker x-50 x rail. Been used only a handful of times. Comes with:

  1. X-35 Machinist Y-rails, X-50 Woodworker X-rail. Onefinity controller.

  2. Makita router. (Modified with relay and breakout board to allow automatic tool starts from g-code)

  3. Suck-it pro dust boot.

  4. WIMAXIT 15.6" Touch Screen, FHD 1080P Monitor.

  5. Gas spring mount for the touch screen. All hardware and cables for monitor

6.Triquetra touch probe.

  1. Wired X-box controller from amazon.

  2. X + Y extension cables from Onefinity.

In the Atlanta, Georgia area but am willing to ship. I do still have the original boxes.
Asking $2000 without shipping.

Do you have pictures?

Processing: 20221223_085311.jpg…

Could you give location and price?

Do you still have it for sale?

Atlanta Georgia area. But i can ship. $2,000 without shipping.

Yes it is still available.

I am also in Atlanta I would like to take a look if possible.

Hello Keith,
Is your machine still available? I am located just north of ATL and I’m interested in your setup.

Doug M.

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Sorry for the late reply but its still available.

Yes it is still available.

Hey Keith,
Will you email me at to set up a time to meet?

Doug M

Is this still available?

Yes, it is still available

I sent you an email not sure if you got it, just wanted to let you know!

I’m interested and also in the Atl area.

I’m very interested, I’m located in Monroe, LA. If you could get me a quote for shipping I’d be willing to work something out asap. Email me at if you don’t mind!

I know this is an old post but there’s no mention of a sale - is it still available?