For Sale: Onefinity Woodworker X-50. Two months old

Bought a Onefinity Woodworker X-50 with a Suckit Dustboot pro, 3 axis probe, 10" display and the control box. Located in central Missouri. Only about 15 hours of use on it. Just didn’t end up using it as much as I thought I would. Best offer takes it.

I’m interested — in the X-50 and accessories. Can you ping my email and we can discuss details?

Is this still available?

Yes this is still available!

Can I get an email address so I can discuss price privately

I have not been able to get into the site that has your listing. Onefinitys forum site is not responding. I remember it is a Woodworker X-50. Can you send me the rest of the details.

Is your Woodworker X-50 still available?

Hey! Still available? Not afraid to travel for it. Lemme know!

I’m interested in talking about aspire program

Do you still have the Onefinity? what do you want for it?