For Sale Wood Worker

OneFinity Woodworker CNC for sale

I am selling my OneFinity Woodworker.

Time for this wonderful machine to be in your home and you will use and enjoy all that it can do.

This is one of the original orders of the Woodworker (#12923) from the preorder phase in 2020 including the upgraded stiffy rails. I ordered it January of 2020, and recieved it in April of 2020, and did not open the boxes until July of 2020.

I finally opened them and set the machine up. Then did nothing for another few months until a friend of mine got together with me and we figured out the V-Carve software and cut a small 8” x 8“ logo out of 1/2” MDF.

Months later, we started another small logo sign for his company which consisted of (3) tool paths.
We cut (1) toolpath and the piece is still sitting on the table clamped down today. That is since November of 2021.

I would guess approximately less than 10 hours of total use. It is in brand new condition with all of the orignal boxes and packing from Onefinity in Canada.

I love the machine, I guess I just don’t have the time I thought I would for it, nor the interest anymore.
But I am sure somebody with more free time, or for a business, will enjoy this machine. It is a great
and easy assemble design.

My Total cost w/shipping and V-Carve software purchase in 2020…$3,312.91

I am asking $2,500 total including Makita Router. I will dissassemble the machine and repack it
in all (3) original boxes in the condition I recieved it from Onefinity. Machine and all other components are in Brand New Condition.

*Due to licensing, the V carve software is not transferable, so it is not included.

*You pay and arrange shipping from my location in Ligonier, Pennsylvania to your location with carrier
of your choice. Or you can pick up here if you are local.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

You will get with your purchase:
• Woodworker (32” x 32” cutting area) with upgraded Stiffy rails
• Makita Router
• Numerous Router bits
• ¼” and 1/8” collets for router
• OneFinity touch probe (with cable)
• Touchscreen
• Game controller
• SuckIt Dust Boot with Rowdy Roman support arm
• Rigid Shop Vac on wheels and hoses
• HD bucket top cyclone (works great)
• Assortment of spoil board clamps
• Aluminum T Tracks
• Dust collection system (Simple Home Depot 5 Gal. Buckets/ Shop Vac) works great.


Do you have any photos of the machine and everything for sale?

Yes. Not home right now, but I will take pics of everything I have.

Hi Paul,
Onefinity forum won’t let me post the pics and order information because there is a limit. Can you send me an email address that I can send these to you from?


Hi Paul,
Sorry for the delay as I was replying to the email instread of on this forum. Attached original order information with a pic of each item that I purchased from Onefinity. I have pics of the machine set uo in my shop, but this forum won’t let “New users” post more than one for some reason. So if you want to reply back with your email, then I can send yhe, right to you.
Let me know if you have nay questions or concerns.
Are you close by or local to my area for pick up?

Onefinity Order 12923-pg.1&2

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Hi Keith,

I’m semi-local and interested in your woodworker. I appreciate that its pretty much ready to go. Would be possible for the table to be broken down and included so I don’t have to build one to get started?


Hi Melanie,

Yes, I can dissassmble the table to be included with the machine.


Hi Keith,

Great! Thank you. I am definitely interested. I live about 3 hours east of you near Harrisburg. Send me an email so we can sort out details:

Look forward to hearing from you,

Just a FYI:

If you are the original FIRST owner of VCarve Pro - then you can sell/transfer the license to someone else but it has to get approved by the VCarve folks (Vectric charge $50? ish for the license transfer)


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