Fox Alien 15W laser

Has anyone had any experience with the FoxAlien Laser module? The 15W laser looks interesting and the price is right for how often (or not) I would use it.

I’m not familiar with it - in fact, never heard of it. I have not seen a true continuous 15W diode laser on the market. I’ve seen 15W lasers advertised, but it turns out its 15W power supply, not a continuous 15W output laser power. I’m wondering if this is the same? Regardless, much less expensive than the most popular ones.


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Just a safety note: On the FoxAlien site it shows PVC in their material setting guide. From everything else I’ve seen PVC is a dangerous material to use a laser on.

So if anyone goes this route, I’d double check any of their chart information with other sources.

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I agree with Tom. I doubt it’s 15W of optical power. Here is a kit meant to be a replacement for a common engraver, and it’s even less money. Listed as 20W consumption and a 5.5W optical power blue laser.

I have one but haven’t mounted it to my Onefinity yet.

Just looked at the Fox Alien site and the chart for the different materials states Electric Power: 15000mW, Output Power: 6500 - 7000mW.

Interesting, Anyway, the kit I mentioned above comes with a mount, power supply, and PWM Test Board. I don’t think you can run these things manually without that PWM board. I have burned a lot of stuff just playing but haven’t done anything remotely serious yet. Maybe a way over the top grill, camp fire or firepit ignitor…hmmmmm.

Have you hooked your neje laser yet if you will let me know howit works is appreciate it
I have the otur

Hi Greg:

I have not tried it on the OneFinity yet. My machine is in an outside shed that’s not heated and a lil too cold for playing around. Maybe when I get some time in the Spring. If you keep the speed about the same as the Otur I would expect the results to be the same.

Paul H

You have an idea how the wiring will go?