FS: Makita router + drag chain kit

I’ve decided not to pursue my 1F purchase. I may look into it, or another CNC, in the future, but I’m going to unload these accessories I already bought. I have the Makita router (the box is gone, but I have the manual and the sleeve/edge guide), plus two drag chains (15x30mm) plus the drag chain mounting kit sold by Route 1 Woodworking (link: ONEFINITY CNC Complete X&Y Drag Chain Bracket Setup | Etsy). Note, while I do have the aluminum rails that he offers with his kit, they would complicate shipping significantly, so I am not including those. If it turns out a buyer is local to me, I will include for no extra charge.

As everything is brand new, I’d like to recoup most of my cost (which is ~$200), but realize I have to take a little bit of a hit. I think $150 shipped (48 US states only) is pretty fair. Message me/comment if interested. First come, first serve.

Where are you located?

Philadelphia suburbs

I’m very not local then!

I am interested but I’m also about to be in the middle of a move. If no one else has bought these in a few weeks when I am all settled I’ll take them!

Don’t hold them for me though, if someone else wants them sooner, by all means, sell to them!

Hey I’m definitely interested! I’m new to the forum, are there pms here?

Yes there are PMs, or just email me, tighe15 at gmail dot com.