Game controllers on Masso Elite systems

This isn’t a question/query about standard support for controllers - Masso doesn’t have it. But I have this working in a preliminary state with an adapter and thought I’d start a thread to post thoughts/esperience.

Testing (and working) with multi-mode 8BitDo controller (DInput and HID), PlayStation 4 (HID), XBOX One and XBOX Series controllers (XInput).

So far testing has been done wired and I’ll be moving to Bluetooth next.

If anyone else has XBOX, PS4 or 8BitDo controller(s) and wants to test this out, let me know. Once I have the parts for BT testing I’ll update with additional details.

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Very interesting, though i can see the hurdles you’d have to jump thru for bluetooth.
If you hit a road block, send me a message i have a couple of ideas, might not solve the problem but may just change your train of thought enough to find the solution

There shouldn’t be any issues for bluetooth beyond those I’ve already had with wired. :slight_smile: I’m leveraging someone else’s firmware project and doing a lot of testing to provide feedback and get specific hardware working with it. It’s going to be some weeks before I have the BT receiver here in front of me as it’s coming in from China.

Got the BT module yesterday and it’s working great. So far I’ve tested with an XBOX One controller. Let me verify the other controllers I have and then I’ll post link to source parts and some instructions.

Can the BT+game controller solution move more than one axis at a time - i.e. a diagonal move across the table using X and Y?

It can do whatever can be done from a keyboard. ATM I’ve been doing all testing on a Mac by verifying the keycodes I set up. I have yet to take it to the Masso - but it’s guaranteed to work there precisely like the keyboard because that’s exactly what the device shows up as over USB.

I’ve already put up a suggestion post for more keystroke support on the Masso forum, it would be really helpful if that post had more comments/followups.

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I believe I saw that, but will revisit and have another read through.

I ask because I built an Arduino based joystick for my Masso - as an experiment, and for a fun way to learn about Arduinos - and, although it worked reasonably well, it would only work one axis at a time. That wasn’t really a problem, but for my limited experience and work flow/habits, I prefer the pendant.

I am however using a programmable USB mini key pad with single control knob for certain functions, and this for me is working extremely well as an addition to my (still developing) main control panel.

I look forward to your continued progress and future updates.

You can probably test/verify this much quicker than I can. I’ve you’ve caught some of my posts in other threads you may have noticed I’m in a state of flux with a lot of things disassembled right now for changes/upgrades.

So, by using a regular keyboard, can you press two cursor keys at the same time to move diagonally?

That requires a keyboard that supports at minimum 2KRO (2 key roll-over) and the same minimum support in the OS/Masso. If Masso does support this, hopefully they also implement key cleaning to make sure you can’t press UP/DOWN or LEFT/RIGHT at the same time, possibly sending everything off the rails.

A little more digging. I think the Masso itself may be limited to operating on one axis at a time with any Jog/Rapid input:

Looks like this may require a feature request.

Here is a discussion relating to my joystick project, with one knowledgeable forum contributor surmising that…

"My gut feeling is the jog inputs are not going to deliver what we are looking for (smooth diagonal movement) for the following reasons:

** In jog/rapid mode only one axis can be stepped at a time*
** The jog input must be held long enough for the step complete. For example with 1.0 mm jog step size it is possible to quickly tap one of the arrow keys (similarly set one of the jog inputs high) to get a sub 1 mm step (on my machine approximately 0.5 mm) yet holding down the arrow key the jog will move the axis exactly 1.0 mm*
** It appears that the active axis cannot change until the previous axis comes to a stop and 50 milliseconds have elapsed (not sure on the gap timing)."*

and …

"Looks like there is a similar “must stop movement before changing axis” with the MPG input.

I just set my MPG to x100 and quickly spun the dial for the X axis and while still dialling switched to another axis. The other axis did not start moving until the X axis stopped moving (decelerated).

There is certainly some “opportunity for improvement” here…"

It was at this point that I switched to using my pendant :grin: :+1: