Gouging of tools

I’m getting some gouging in some of the signs. It doesn’t show up in the Vcarve rendering so I’m thinking that maybe I need to level my spoil
board? I haven’t done that. Any other suggestions? Zoom in on the Grace word in the attached image and you can see it.

This particular sign uses a 1/4, 1/8 & 1/16 bit and it seems the 1/8 is the one that gouged the worse. All were Z’d with the probe.

I would say no, though you should level your spoil board anyway - Good practice.

They are isolated paths it looks like, independent in and out throughout the same plane through that text. Do some testing on a flat piece and watch what happens. You using multiple tools I assume?

Yes. Multiple tools. 3 different sizes. Don’t see this on other signs. I’ll try again.

Maybe your z-zero is off when you change tools on this sign - Where’s your zero located?

I zeroed with the probe after each tool change.