Help with H100 VFD setup/wiring/programming

Perhaps I should have gotten the HY that others have to aid in this process, but alas, I thought “Why not get the VFD made by the same company as the spindle?” ( I have a 2.2kw / 220v aircooled GPenny spindle)
I see lots on info about the HY VFDs, but apparently this thing is pretty new and I certainly don’t want to mess anything up considering this is a steep learning curve for me.

Can anyone help me make sense of the wiring and programming?

Here is a link to the VFD manual -

My controller is the MASSO G3 touch (Elite Foreman)
Ill be powering the VFD with a 220v / 20 amp circuit
A spindle cable was provided when I bought this setup, I have checked continuity and found the yellow wire on that cable to be the ground.
This is the control cable I have - Control Cable – PwnCNC

My machine should be shipping this week and Im trying to get the ball rolling on these things.

Thank you to all in advance, Im grateful for this community.

Hey Aaron,

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Do you think that the HY h100 is essentially the same as the GPenny h100?
The manual for the GPenny h100 says it has vector control, Im not sure but I dont think the HY does?

Hey Aaron,

if you have the VFD that is described in the manual you linked, then it is not a Huanyang. Also I don’t think GPenny manufactures VFDs.

However I doubt that Huanyang is a real manufacturer. In any case you can get Huanyang HY Series VFDs with no Huanyang Label. I would only buy VFDs from reputable manufacturers like Omron, Hitachi or Invertek.

You can recognize serious VFDs by that they do not willingly omit the VFD input current rating. And that they have good, didactical and big manuals available in many languages.

Here is the VFD I have, interesting that they are both h100 models. (GPenny & HY)

I found this on the MASSO forum.