How to edit older posts?

I’ve been on this forum since the first machines shipped - and unfortunately some of the content that I’ve posted now has outdated links that I would love to be able to update. When I went to edit today, it seems that there is some kind of limit in place not allowing editing after a certain amount of time.

Is there any way to override that setting so that I can edit my posts?

Hi Josh - I have not been able to figure out how, so I’m curious too.



You can only Edit a post for a few hours after it is posted. If you would like to refresh the topic; just reply to yourself and add your updated content.

This will move the conversation back to the top of the “Latest” list for people to see and react again.

Hope that helps!

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Unfortunately not - I’m trying to edit old links that are now dead - and update them. If it’s not possible then it’s not possible. No worries, thanks!

Josh I can edit as an Admin. do you want me to delete your post then you can re-do it with the new data or you can DM me with the changes and I can make them for you.


I was just following on from @Aiph5u suggestions on “Wiki” entries. Try clicking the three dots at the bottom of the post and press the spanner and make it into a wiki? Does that allow editing?

+1 I also really would like that Onefinity unlocks the restriction to edit older post. This is probably just a simple configuration option, because I haven’t seen this restriction on other forums running on Discourse.

I’ve been working on a project where I would like to keep everyone informed. It would be the most convenient for everybody to just update the first post. So nobody doesn’t have to search trough all the post for updates.

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Hey Satoer, hey all,

This would be the typical case for the use of the wiki function of discourse forum.

The default setting is that users with Trust Level 3 may turn their posts in wiki post. But this setting (min trust to allow self wiki) may be lowered to 1 by the Site Admin so that Basic (1) users may be able to do this.

Anyway once a wiki post exists, it is editable by any user with at least Trust Level 1 or higher.

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Is it also possible to limit this so only I can edit it? (Instead of everybody). Reading my above reaction I understand you might think that I want that everybody could edit the post. But I meant with “convenient for everybody” that readers could find the info quick instead of being able to edit it. Only I want to be able to edit the first post.

As far as I know, no. Wiki is really editable for anyone. It has a restriction on user’s Trust Level. But I didn’t dive that deep into docs yet.

But generally if the knowledge you posted is important to others, I find it should be integrated into a knowledge base which should be user-editable then. Then you would update the links, the info etc. in the future.

EDIT: As I found here, there is an option for the Site Admin that is called “Make new topics wiki by default”. Apparently, it is not set in this discourse forum. But that would be what would allow initial posts to contain something new which then will remain editable, whilst the following discussion would not.

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