How to get rid of artifact

should be a simple solution but it escapes me.
cutting out a hex box with a lip for the lid.
after cutting the lip I then cut the cutout.
this leaves a small knob at each corner of the lip.
using 1/4 end mill for both.

looking for answers, thank you

Screenshot 2023-03-19 154725


tried separate last pass of .08 but still there.
this is in simulation but I have no reason to think it will disappear in actual carve

if the radius is less than .125" then the .250 dia endmill won’t fit in the corner - even though the material beyond it is removed the toolpath will be contained inside the lines. Do you have an option to have the center of the bit follow the line vs the edge?

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For this project I don’t have that option.
It does seem if I do the separate last pass it makes it smaller.
For now I’ll just remove the little nubbins with sandpaper
I guess if I increased the separate last pass to . 125 it might completely remove it?
Although Vectric does complain about that size of separate last pass.