How To Reset The Configuration To Defaults

Occasionally, there may be a time when you need to reset the machine back to factory defaults. Here’s how to perform a configuration reset.
Please note, resetting the configuration will change any custom values you have entered (i.e. probe size, stall homing settings). Please make note of these BEFORE resetting so you can input them back in once reset.

  • First, on the home page, click the flyout menu button (the black button in the upper left with 3 horizontal lines):

  • On left hand side, Under Admin, click General:

  • In the middle of the screen, under Configuration, click the blue RESET button:

  • A pop up with come up asking if you’d like to reset to default configuration? Click the green button that corresponds to your sized machine.

  • Once applied, you’ll see a Success pop up. Click the green OK button to finish.

You’ve now successfully completed a factory reset of the configuration.